Why God let’s bad things happen.

This thought may have crossed your mind at some period in life, “If God is good, why does He allow bad things to happen?” Since the beginning of the human race, daily living has always involved adversity. Although life trials can be painful, knowing the Lord’s purpose for them can bring comfort and hope. God’s messages found in biblical verses make it known that suffering has meaning. The Wonderful Counselor is modeling His children to be like Him.

Romans 8:28-29 reads, “And we know that God causes everything to work together for the good of those who love God and are called according to His purpose for them. For God knew His people in advance, and He chose them to become like His Son, so that His Son would be the firstborn, with many brothers and sisters.”

Here are three principal points to study, regarding personal trials of life:

First, when people become saved, they continue to hold many “rough characteristics.” The journey on the road to sanctification (growing in God’s grace as a result of being reborn), requires the process of becoming holy and few things in life will build character like grief. Unfortunately, people seldom acquire christian maturity during good times. Rather, pain causes ungodly characteristics to surface and forces individuals to reflect on their true nature.

Secondly, the reason why the Father allows tribulations is to test His childrens’ religious belief. Believers soon discover that tested faith is stronger and more reliable than untested faith.

Lastly, God allows difficulties so that His character, love, and power can be revealed. Throughout life’s hardships, people who remain with the heavenly Father will find Him dependable and authentic.

As life’s storms surface, remember His faithfulness from previous trials and rest assured that He is with you always. We aren’t left alone to battle and solve our problems. As we turn our lives over to the Great One, He directs the events in our lives for our benefit, even the painful ones.

No individual wishes to suffer needlessly, however, experience and sorrow will mature the christian believer. We can learn from books and from the experiences of others, but most growth occurs as a result of personal trials. As troubling events occur, sorrow and heartache may seem intense. But know that He has a plan for all trials of life.

Encouraging quotes and inspirational bible messages can be found in verses from the best selling and most popular book of all time-the Holy Bible.


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