I am a Christian Drummer! Band: (To Be Announced)

DRUMS, Music, Praise & Worship, & Song Writing. I also love to travel and see new places. I am a BIG Family man, I love to spend most of my free time with my wife and son. I also have a passion for early model 1959-1965 VW Buses, Single Cabs & Double Cabs,  Drafting, Graphic Arts, Designing etc. I love nature and all the beautiful things God has created here on Earth for us to enjoy.

I was born in Provo Utah left when I was 4 years old and move to Arizona where I spent most of my life until the age of 35. I recently moved here to North Carolina I really think it was one of my best decisions I ever made. I am blessed to be a Drummer and involved in music ministry. I have been saved for almost 8 years. I have fully handed over my life to Jesus Christ. I want to live the rest of my life serving and giving him ALL the Glory. My beloved wife and I have been married for almost 13 years. We have one son. He is truly a blessing from God and has changed my life in ways I’d never thought. I pray for all the people I meet in my life that they might come to know my Lord and Savior Jesus and invite him into their hearts. God has blessed me more than I deserve and I just want to give everything back to him. If you have that empty hole in your heart and are trying to fill it with worldly things…STOP! God has created you to Worship and Love only Him and its when you accept him into you life that you will begin to change and you to will experience his everlasting LOVE. It is Truly an AMAZING LOVE. Feel free to contact me on how you might accept Him and I would love to pray with you and help you in your new walk with Jesus. I will continue to pray for all of you May GOD Bless you and all that you do. In The Powerful Name of Jesus.

My Hero:

JESUS CHRIST. (There was One perfect man who walked this Earth…and they hung him on a Cross) My Definition of a hero is JC He displayed his unconditional Love for us by dying on the Cross for my sins and yours. We could not even possibly begin to imagine the love he has for us. Jesus took upon himself something that we can only relate to as a Miracle. Through his Crucifixion Jesus gave us a direct relationship to God through Him. So we might know him in a way that he deserves. He desires our Love.



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