JTB Back in Nashville for Recording.

Hey guys be sure to keep checking in with us as we keep you up to date with our studio recording. Tomorrow and Sunday is ALL day Drum Tracks.


JTB in Nashville, TN

Hello All, 

Well we got into Nashville last night about 8:15p we checked into our hotel and unpacked most of our luggage. It was a long drive from Raleigh but I must say it was SOOO BEAUTIFUL driving through the mountains and seeing the brightest most vibrant colors of the trees. God is Awesome and we praised him all the way here for everything he has done and is doing in our lives. Last night after unloading our gear we went to find a good Bar B-Q place recommended by a local, called Famous Dave’s. Now I know why it is famous I got the half rack of ribs and let me tell you they were nothing short of FANTASTIC !!

The sides were great and the service was the BEST. Thanks Lauren for your kindness and serving us and tell Dave his Ribs ROCK!!

After dinner we were so excited to be here in the music capital of the country so at 10:30 we decided to take a ride to downtown Nashville and see what was going on. We first saw the LP Stadium where the Tennessee Titans play  Football Stadium Wow was this a very nice facility we were most impressed. Then we went for a little stroll to find Music Row, and we found it miles of Nashville nightlife, there were so many people out front of clubs, live music venues, with sounds of all kinds of different music ringing out into the streets. We also found the street with all the major recording labels and recording studios such as RCA, Word, Sony, Midas so many I lost count. It was alot of fun the band was enjoying this time together. We got back to the Hotel around 12:45a and hit the sack. Today we plan on finding a local Church to attend; we also just plan on spending time together preparing our hearts for our showcase tomorrow. Thank you all for your continued prayers and support, we all miss & love you guys and will be back home sometime early Tuesday morning. Check back later tonight to find out how today went. We will also try to upload some video blogs to our website and the bands MySpace. 

God bless,

Danny McLaughlin

The Justin Teseniar Band

Please Pray for The Justin Teseniar Band!

Hey All, It’s Danny McLaughlin, The Drummer of “The Justin Teseniar Band” A Christian Contemporary Praise and Worship Band based out of Durham North Carolina. Visit our Website at: (www.justinteseniar.com) or our MySpace: (www.myspace.com/justinteseniar). We have an opportunity of a lifetime!!!  We are  going to Nashville, Tennessee to play 3 of our best songs in front of  top industry representatives and Christian Record Labels. With this opportunity could come many open doors for us!

We will be leaving this Saturday afternoon and will be playing on Monday October 20th some time between 11am and 4pm.  So, please pray for safe travels, pray that we remain healthy and pray that God will work through us on Monday.  Our number one goal is that we want to Glorify God – so please let that be your number one prayer.  Please also pray that God’s Will be done during this time in Nashville – like I said, it could open huge doors for us and our ministry, but we all want it to be in God’s timing!

The craziest thing about this whole opportunity is that we just released our first CD this past summer entitled “For Your Glory” but God has given us THREE BRAND NEW SONGS that we are going to play on Monday!!  It was very clear how God spoke to us in regards to the new songs we should play, so we are going to go with these new songs:
1. God Of Glory  2. Your Name  3. Only Hope.

So, please take a moment out of your week to pray for healthy and safe travels and please take some time on Monday before 11:00 to pray that God will work through us and a time of worship will ring out so loud even the darkest areas of the world will hear our praises to our Lord & Savior!

In Christ,

Danny McLaughlin
The Justin Teseniar Band

DRUM Tuning!

Drum Tuning with Danny McLaughlin,


Drums, like any instrument, need to be in tune to sound their best. Tuning isn’t hard but it takes practice to get it right. There is no standard pitch that your drums should be tuned to. It is all personal taste. The following will get you started on your way to a great drum sound. Remember the more you tune your drums the better you will become. Practice tuning as often as you can.

First we will cover lug tightening order. Place your drum on a towel or a stool to dampen the bottom head. When tightening the head it is best to tighten opposite lugs to get the drum to a general pitch. (Fig.1) The idea is to keep the tension of the head even all around the drum. Don’t try to tension the head to final pitch at first. That will come later.

Next we want to get all the lugs to the same pitch. To do this place a finger in the center of the drum to dampen the head. Apply only light pressure as we want to dampen only. A light touch is all that is needed. Take a stick and tap the head by lug 1, about an inch from the rim. Listen to the pitch. Now tap by lug 8 in the same manner. Listen to that pitch. Adjust lug 8 to match the pitch of lug 1. (Fig.2) Once these two match in pitch move on and match lug 3 to lug 8. Continue this process all the way around the drum. Now flip the drum over and do the same thing to the bottom head.

Now it is time to decide if you like the pitch of one of the heads. If you do, adjust the other head to match the one you like best. Do this by turning all the lugs the same amount using the method shown in Figure 1. Once both heads are at the same pitch your drum will have its maximum sustain and projection. You may want to have the bottom head at a different pitch than the top head depending on your playing situation and preference. It’s up to you.

A final note on drum sound. If you want your drums to sound like recordings, from your perspective, when you are playing, it won’t happen. Recordings and miked drums sound completely different when all the processing equipment and amplification is used. The sustain and projection of your drums is needed when you are playing un-miked. Your audience will hear a different sound from their perspective than you do, especially when other instruments are playing. If you are miking your drums however, you may need to dampen them to get a better sound. Our drum dampening page will give one way to do this. My suggestion is: Miked = Dampen,  Unmiked = No Dampening.

Danny McLaughlin


The Justin Teseniar Band